Midway House of Rockaway Staff

Spiritual Guidance - Rabbi Eli Kornfeld


Although Midway House is not affiliated with any sect or denomination spirituality has always been a core component of effective treatment. Establishing a spiritual foundation into recovery can help build a sense of inner strength, hope, connectedness, and serves as a building block for creating a meaningful life.

Rabbi Eli Kornfeld brings over 18 years of experience of counseling and spiritual leadership and will provide spiritual counseling, prayer sessions, meditations. Rabbi Eli will calibrate with the full spectrum of faith based leaders and work hand in hand with our clinical and 12 step team to address the unique spiritual, religious, family and community issues and problems that many of our clients have experienced. Healing past spiritual wounds is vital to recovery. We help our clients from all faiths define and create lives that are filled with joy, meaning, and integrity. Together we help our clients form a connection to their inner core, to others, to the world and to a Higher Power.

Spiritual Guidance - Father Charles


The former Director of Pastoral Care of Straight and Narrow in Patterson, NJ and ordained a priest in 1973, Father Charles has over 30 years experience with Addiction.  As a friend of Midway House, Father Charles is available to counsel residents and provide spiritual and personal guidance.

Friend of Midway House - Imamu Mayfield


Imamu Mayfield is a professional boxer and inspirational speaker.