Intake fee: $1,800* all locations

Rent payments may be paid weekly or monthly.

Rent: Rockaway

Weekly Rate: $260* (short term)

Monthly rate: $1025* (1 year max.)

Rent: Morristown

Weekly Rate: $260* (short term)

Monthly rate: $1025* (1 year max.)

(Late Fee: $25)

*Price subject to change at any time

NOTE: All payments are non-refundable


Private rooms subject to availability after 30 days stay at Midway House. Additional fee upon request.


Important notes:

Intake fee will cover resident for one year. This includes the cost of random drug testing, starter package of toiletries, towels, bedding and shower shoes and administration fees.

Food, toiletries, and any other living expenses are the resident’s responsibilities.

Utilities and cable TV are included in rent.

Weekly rent must be paid each Sunday by 7:30pm