Policies at Midway House of NJ

We at Midway House of NJ highly value the 12 step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and all of the other 12 step recovery programs that have been modeled after them. Our experience has shown the twelve-step recovery program(s) to be the only method for the individual to have any long lasting recovery (i.e. to have: abstinence or recovery for “any length of time”). Statistically, AA/NA have been shown to have the highest rate of recovery/success rate than any other treatment modality. For this reason every individual living in our house are required to regularly attend 12 step meetings, have their own personal 12 Step recovery program, and be working the steps formally with a sponsor.

All residents are required to have a current sponsor and be in regular communication with that individual.


It is a requirement of Midway House of NJ to maintain continuous abstinence including a solid 12 step recovery program (AA/NA), follow certain rules and regulations, and attend all groups and mandatory house meetings. You will be expected to gain immediate employment, do “90 meetings in 90 days” and get a sponsor to begin your step work. There is also one weekly house meeting which is mandatory.

Our complete program information (house rules, etc.) will be provided prior to or at the time of move-in.

If a resident needs guidance or has specific questions as to what “regular meeting attendance” means for someone at their level of recovery or what “working their program” should include our caring and professional staff are always available to give specific guidance in these areas